The TWO Most Powerful Words

You got an Interview! You went. You hit it out of the park. Now what?

At Christmas time as a kid, I was always given thank-you cards in my stocking. It was expected we would send a note of gratitude for a gift – even if the monetary sticker (whoops, someone didn’t remove that) was there and showed $5.

A potential employer just offered to invest in you – let’s say for any salary over $35,000. Don’t mince dollars. They have engaged with you. THIS is priceless. Say thank-you for the conversation. Say thank-you for the job offer.

A connection introduced you to one of their connections. Say thank-you.

A contact gave you a job lead. Say thank-you.

A colleague, client or customer endorsed you. Say thank-you.

A card. An email. A phone-call. The medium doesn’t matter.

Say thank-you.

As such, thank-you!

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