Training & Development Services

Training & Development Services

Infinity offers training development workshops and corporate coaching in the areas of career development and essential skills in career lifework and employment, retirement renewal planning, job and career laddering preparation as well as emotional intelligence, personal success, authenticity and sustainability. 

Workshop facilitation is available to employers, schools, educational institutions, not-for-profits, companies or programs that specialize in training and development or offer “train the trainer” courses / workshops for professionals within the field of career development. Offerings are customized following a needs assessment and are available in person and virtually. Workshop topics have included:

Career Development / Career Rewirement

Workshops include a diversity of customized and kinesthetic exercises / activities to facilitate the pursuit of one’s life goals for an authentic career path. This workshop is customized to the demographics of the audience – whether first time career developers or those seeking career rewirement – a necessary change in their career direction. A variety of assessments are utilized, some which are unique to Infinity, as well as True Colours, Retirement Options and the work of Denise Bissonnette in the Cultivating True Livelihood Curriculum

Employment (i.e. Job Search Skills)

Workshops include resume and cover letter building, skills training in preparing for interviews and implementing job search techniques. 

Retirement Renewal Planning (non-financial)

Workshop delivery of retirement renewal planning is beneficial for those who have planned for the financial side of retirement, but have not considered the lifestyle changes that accompany. This workshop involves preparing for the non-financial aspects of retirement renewal by distinguishing focus factors (i.e. work reorientation; leisure; health perception; life satisfaction), which require attention in order to transition successfully into future retirement. Utilizing the Life Options Profile (LOP), which is specifically designed for corporate and group workshop settings, an interpretation of the results will assist individuals to implement retirement renewal goals, which will foster increased preparation for change, work reorientation goals and consideration of a renewed future lifestyle, while maintaining health and wellbeing. 

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Workshops utilize the True Colours International Personal Awareness assessment, a group participates in an interactive workshop to develop increased awareness and celebrate their innate values, motivations, strengths and personality characteristics while recognizing how these factors impact one’s interpersonal skills, relationships and communication style. 

The Spontaneously Genuine You! Workshop

… More to come in 2020!

Training Services as Associate with Diversity World

Upon entering the field of career development in 2009, Kimberley (now, Infinity’s), first introduction to Diversity World and Denise Bissonnette’s lifework was through a variety of professional development activities, including as attendee at a Women As Career Mentors event, at which Denise was a Keynote speaker; as a participant in the Beyond Traditional Job Development workshop; and, alongside Denise as a fellow participant in a workshop. With an offer of mentorship from Denise, Kimberley’s relationship has flourished with Diversity World, and in 2020 she joined as an Associate:

… Infinity embraces opportunities to both co-facilitate with Denise, and individually lead workshops on Denise’s books / training through virtual and in person formats.

  • Beyond Traditional Job Development
  • 30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee
  • Cultivating True Livelihood

For more information on the above publications, and how they might be the topic that your organization, agency or association needs, Denise outlines in this video, the context for each of the above:

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