Vision & Mission


When one embraces their lifework, they’re inspired. Inspired people lead with authenticity, self-ownership and courage. They are at greater peace with themselves and others; better equipped to manage the many crossroads of life. They inspire greatness for others to do the same.


Infinity empowers individuals to recognize their life and work goals in order to successfully design, attain and manage an authentic career path, which could involve: “developing” one’s career goals for the first time; “rewiring” one’s career path, planning “retirement renewal” or developing skills for work, employment and career success. I coach individuals to recognize their values, motivations, interests, strengths and options to make confident and informed decisions as to where, how and with whom to invest their energy, time and potential.

With recognition that my lifework is to inspire and empower others in their life and work goals, my approach embraces the spirit of mindfulness, self-discovery, and strength-based decision-making while incorporating wellness, continuous learning development, creative solutions and goal setting for personal legacy planning.

Although we have “an infinity” of options, we also have limited time in this life. By designing a lifework plan that capitalizes on a person’s strengths results in satisfaction, engagement and (life) meaning. I coach individuals to embrace the cyclical nature of career development through a spontaneously genuine approach that inspires hope, courage and alignment.


Where do you want to show up; be seen; live brave?

– Brené Brown

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