To the many graduates of: “Class of 2020!” Deepest congratulations from Infinity Career & Development Consulting.

A feeling of nostalgia catches me every year in June. A glimpse back in my Grad Scrapbook reintroduces me to programs and pressed flowers, and the faces of friends and teachers, some that I have not connected with in years. After pulling out my graduation cap of 2004, some, – a lot – of tassels began to fall off.

As time moves on, the tassels of memory will catalogue the most significant moments, friendships, feelings and achievements of high school and this special day. Some tassels will fall away.

Looking back through photos of graduation 2004, I asked myself: “Where would I be; who would I be – if I could be the 18 year old I once was?” Sixteen years since my graduation, what’s amazing is how those tassels of forgotten memory, can be a catalyst for great things, and rewoven with a stronger weave.

This reinforces what an impressionable and important moment this is for you, graduates! Amidst a creative execution of COVID-compliant Graduation Ceremony, spearheaded through the innovation of your educators, at your feet is the exciting opportunity of a next chapter! Wishing you all the best!

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