I came across the song “Better Boat,” in August of 2018, and felt a draw towards the calmness that prevailed while listening to it. It was in the summer of that year I was in the midst of recovering and realigning my career direction and goals.

There is a thoughtful You Tube Video in which Kenny Chesney shares his thoughts on the “story behind the song.” Worthy of a watch. Written by Travis Meadows and Liz Rose, and recorded by Kenny Chesney and Mindy Smith, Chesney found inspiration from those recovering from Hurricane Irma. Chesney makes a variety of comments in the video – in that the symbolism is about more than recovery from natural disaster – rather, he shares perspective that it’s about a personal journey and moving forward.

In the lens of career development, CERIC references a metaphor of a canoe to represent our career, stating: “We use it on our journey, we stock it with the tools we need, and we proactively steer it to our destination; sometimes we face rapids, and as conditions change so might our course.” Symbolically, this song accompanied me on my paddleboard adventures and contributed to the process of healing from a traumatic period of my life. In whatever form you have experienced or are experiencing a “Hurricane Irma,” I hope that this song gives you the comfort and healing that it provided and provides for me today, at those times when rewirement – even minor adjustments – is needed once again.

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